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Your purchase protects our frontline & our serum will help protect your family.

There is a growing demand from our local hospitals for protective personal equipment (PPE).

The current demand (locally) is 500,000 surgical masks, 200,0000 n95 masks, and 3000 isolation gowns. 

With your purchase, GeneSerum is taking the proceeds and donating PPE to these Hospitals:

(Latest delivery at Torrance Memorial with GeneSerum Founder, Dr. B)

Attention, New Studies Show:

Amazing Skin Serum Developed By Immunologist Has An Unexpected Twist…

… You’re Going To Want To Read This

I am writing this memo in a hurry so please excuse my briefness and the plain website.

But the fact is, we need this product out ASAP to help as many people as possible.

My name is Dr. Baer (but my clients call me Dr. B).

My specialty is in immunology and genetics with a research background from MIT and field experience at the famous Paracelsus Hospital in Switzerland.

I’m one of those doctors who sells really high-end luxury anti-aging skin serums…

And it works REALLY well.

But recently we discovered multiple scientific studies (listed in the Science tab) that shows the main ingredient, Royal Thai Silk Cocoon, can kill viruses on contact.

“They act like crowbars and destabilize the whole system,” said Prof. Pall Thordarson, acting head of chemistry at the University of New South Wales.

     (Please note: This is NOT a cure or a vaccine for coronavirus. I could NEVER make that claim without a LOT more research…)

First, let’s understand how it works…

Pathogens (like the coronavirus) are destroyed when you wash your hands with soap or use sanitizer.

The molecules attack the virus’s cell membrane, tearing it apart and destroying it.

(Actually, any pathogen with a lipid membrane including; coronaviruses, H.I.V., viruses that cause hepatitis B and C, herpes, Ebola, Zika, dengue, and numerous bacteria that attack the intestines and respiratory tract can be destroyed in this same way)

Long story short, Here is my “claim”…

“Instead of lathering a BUNCH of hand sanitizer on your face 24 hours per day… you can use my product, GeneSerum®.”

  • Using organic ingredients is MUCH safer than the over the counter hand sanitizers or soaps.
  • The serum is designed to absorb deep into your skin, lasting all day. So you only need to apply ONCE.
  • We are the only serum in the world that can heal and protect your skin AND fight off those nasty viruses.
  • Studies show that the Royal Silk Cocoon can make you 74% less likely to catch the illness.
  • It will create a barrier around your face all day!

As of late, only my VIP clients were only able to get GeneSerum®.

However, after finding this new research I feel that I have a social responsibility to help get this serum into as many hands as possible.

So if you don’t mind less fancy packaging and shipping box (aka… it won’t look as pretty) then we can afford to do a major price drop in order to help as many people as possible.

Oh by the way…

We haven’t even talked about what the serum was designed to do (and does VERY well).

Since we are short on time I will list out the amazing beauty benefits below:


  • Ginseng Berry extract sends vitamine C five layers deep into the skins stratum basale (where collagen is produced) and interacts with the skin’s DNA, reversing the aging process and promoting collagen growth. Collagen growth, in short, inhibits the growth of wrinkles by “filling in” the tissue under them. (sciency I know, just look at it like this, they make pretty much ANYBODY look 7-10 years younger… A lot of clients say it’s like getting a “mini lift”)
  • Royal Thai Silk Cocoon shields the skin from harmful UV rays that cause aging. Under that shield it provides an intense hydration that leaves your skin looking like it’s glowing.
  • Lavender has many benefits too. Some use it as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory oil. Many use it to bring a glow to their skin and reduce wrinkles.
  • Orange Blossom is widely used to fix dry skin problems as it acts as a hydrator. It’s also known to be a great toner and brightens your skin and improves your complexion.
  • Aromatherapy Benefits in GeneSerum® are amazing… The fragrance is subtle but rejuvenating. I spent a long time making the perfect fragrance for GeneSerum®. And, I must say… I am very proud of it. These essential oils are used as an antidepressant that combats anxiety and fear and promotes a sense of happiness.
  • Certified Organic clean ingredients on your skin will help the natural processes to occur. (don’t forget – it’s the impure ingredients that are hurting your skin and making you age FASTER)
  • Cruelty Free with 100% vegan ingredients. No animals are harmed or used for testing. Sleep well knowing you made a stance against animal cruelty.
  • Clean Materials for all of our packaging. Made from recycled materials and made to be biodegradable. Helping mother earth one serum at a time by reducing the amount of products you will need (less garbage) and making all of GeneSerum® with a very low carbon footprint.

“I’ve been using GeneSerum for the past 4 months and I can’t live with out it. I bought it for myself to rapair my face… But now that we know it also can make us less likely to get the coronovirus, I have given a bottle to my mom, dad, sister, grammy, my best friend, and 2 of my clients!”

Brynn N. S.

*Verified Customer

That should be enough…

But there’s more!

GeneSerum® was also scientifically tested to restore 6 major aspects of your skin:

  • Firmness: Firmness is the most important aspect of beautiful and healthy-looking skin. Collagen is one of the main factors in your faces firmness. The more collagen you have, the more your face will be taught and “springy”, and less wrinkles and fine lines you will have.
  • Glycation: Caused by too much sugar in your bloodstream creates Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs). This inhibits the growth of new collagen… Which will not allow other skin serums to work (which is one of the reasons we need to fix this!).
  • Sun Damage and Pigmentation: The sun is actually the #1 killer of collagen. By using the Royal Thai Silk Cocoon you will start to protect your face on a cellular level from the sun. Our serum must go deep into the skin cells to repair and regenerate the damage that is already done.
  • Free Radical Damage: These pesky free radicals are also caused by the UV radiation from the sun. These will damage the skin cells (and also cause cancer). So not only is it important to FIX the free radical damage but to stop it from further happening.
  • Inflammation: This causes the collagen to break down faster. Usually caused by inferior quality ingredients in skincare products and an imbalance of PH on your skin. The lavender will go in there and bring your skins PH back to normal. Allowing your inflammation to reduce and for your skin to feel and look healthy.
  • Moisture: Skin always looks healthier and plumper when it’s moisturised and fully hydrated. All of the ingredients in GeneSerum® provide extra moisturization. Lessening wrinkles and giving your face a beautiful glow.

Okay, that was a lot…

But this stuff really is fantastic.

And although you are probably more concerned about the immunity protection aspect, this stuff is REALLY good and highly sought after.

“wrinkles have DISAPPEARED”

I’ve noticed that the wrinkles have DISAPPEARED! It doesn’t take a lot — just a little, applied each night and it does seem to work progressively overnight over a few weeks.
John S.

*Verified Purchase

“I got some many compliments”

I ordered this gift for my mother ‘s Birthday as she is a Royal Family Fan. Usually when I give her any skin care products, I will never hear by from her. However, this time around, she said ” What is in this !! I got some many compliments from my Church ladies stating my skin has this radiant glow ” If my mom is happy, I am.

*Verified Purchase

“Best Serum in the World”

This is the most amazing serum I have ever used. Only after third night of using geneserum , everyone at work is asking me what I have been using on my face. They said I have is refreshing glow. Thank you for making such par excellence product. I really feel like a Duchess
Susana zheng

*Verified Purchase

“Really works”

I am loving Geneserum! I have been using it for four days and already seeing a difference. My skin feels and looks so much better and firmer. I have received several compliments from people saying that I am “glowing”. It is light and not crazy oily. Overall the serum is working its magic and I am very impressed. I have recommended it to several friends already.

*Verified Purchase

Silk Protein = Soap + Water = Viral Breakdown

Below are scientific journals and studies that illustrate how Silk Protien breaks down virusus.

2.2 Structure and Composition of Sericin
Sericin is a highly hydrophilic protein consisting of 18 amino acids, among which serine, aspartic acid, and glycine are the three most abundant amino acids (Tokutake, 1980). The strong hydrophilicity of sericin is attributed to about 45.8% polar hydroxyl amino acids, especially the serine accounting for 32% in its total amino acids profile (Padamwar and Pawar, 2004). The secondary structure of sericin varies as the environmental condition changes.

In recent times self-assembled micellar nanoparticles have been successfully employed in tissue engineering for targeted drug delivery applications. In this review, silk sericin protein from non-mulberry Antheraea mylitta tropical tasar silk cocoons was blended with pluronic F-127 and F-87 in the presence of solvents to achieve self-assembled micellar nanostructures capable of carrying both hydrophilic (FITC-inulin) and hydrophobic (anticancer drug paclitaxel) drugs

In recent times self-assembled micellar nanoparticles have been successfully employed in tissue engineering for targeted drug delivery applications. In this review, silk sericin protein from non-mulberry Antheraea mylitta tropical tasar silk cocoons was blended with pluronic F-127 and F-87 in the presence of solvents to achieve self-assembled micellar nanostructures capable of carrying both hydrophilic (FITC-inulin) and hydrophobic (anticancer drug paclitaxel) drugs.’

To boost the elasticity and mechanical strength of silk hydrogels, Numata and his colleagues turned to pectin, a polysaccharide found in plant cells that is widely used as a food thickening agent. The team suspected that silk’s arginine and lysine amino acids could interact with pectin to form a strong molecular network (Fig. 1). “Silk is a hydrophobic polymer, while pectin polymers are hydrophilic,” says Numata. “The key challenge was to make a stable polymer blend from these two materials.”

The properties of silk arise from the unique amphiphilic protein structure of its heavy chain, which includes 12 hydrophobic domains that account for 94% of the chain. These domains are interspaced by 11 hydrophilic regions that contain negatively charged, polar, bulky hydrophobic and/or aromatic residues that share a common consensus sequence (Figure 2c) [38,40]. The heavy chain is capped with hydrophilic C-and N-terminal sequences; these sequences consist of completely non-repeating amino acid residues. The hydrophobic blocks of the heavy chain contain highly repetitive glycine-X repeats, where X is alanine (A) (65%), serine (S) (23%) or tyrosine (Y) [42], and these blocks account for 94% of the silk heavy chain sequence [41]. The hydrophobic blocks can be classified into three motifs: (ⅰ) a highly repetitive GAGAGS sequence making up the bulk of the crystalline regions and typically found at the start of each block; (ⅱ) a less repetitive sequence containing hydrophobic and/or aromatic residues GAGAGY, GAGAGV and GAGAGVGY, making up the semicrystalline regions; and (ⅲ) sequences very similar to (ⅰ) except for the presence of an AAS motif, which is usually found at the C-terminal end of each subdomain and may form a “sheet-breaking” motif [40] (Figure 2c).