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The Gene Serum that is Perfectly Proportioned

for Your Skin Type is GS-54HR



Your skin, accoording to your genetics, is in the HIGH RISK category. This means that your skin is aging 75% than average…

But, don’t fret. There’s some simple things you can do to help!

  1. Drink lot’s of water (add in some fresh squeezed lemon juice for better results).
  2. Get lot’s of sleep! Try to go to bed no later than 11pm.
  3. Try to stay out of the sun as much as possible between 11AM and 4PM (this is when the suns rays are strongest)
  4. Apply 4 drops of GeneSerum, morning and night, and gently massage into your face.

The GeneSerum will start repairing the “over-aging” immediately. And once repaired will keep your skin looking luminous.

Here’s some of the amazing ingredients and benefits:

  • Ginseng Berry extract sends vitamine C five layers deep into the skins stratum basale (where collagen is produced) and interacts with the skin’s DNA, reversing the aging process and promoting collagen growth. Collagen growth, in short inhibits the growth of wrinkles by “filling in” the tissue under them. (”sciency” I know, just look at it like this, they make pretty much ANYBODY look 7-10 years younger… A lot of clients say it’s like getting a “mini lift”)
  • Royal Thai Silk Cocoon shields the skin from harmful UV rays that cause aging. Under that shield it provides an intense hydration that leaves your skin looking like it’s glowing.
  • Lavender has many benefits too. Some use it as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory oil. Many use it to bring a glow to their skin and reduce wrinkles.
  • Orange Blossom is widely used to fix dry skin problems as it acts as a hydrator.  It’s also known to be a great tone and brightens your skin and improves your complexion.
  • Aromatherapy Benefits in Gene Serum are amazing… The fragrance is subtle but rejuvenating. I spent a long time making the perfect fragrance for Gene Serum. And I must say… I am very proud of it. They use these essential oils as an antidepressant that combats anxiety and fear and promotes a sense of happiness. (Translated: a woman that can take on the world!)
  • Certified Organic clean ingredients on your skin will help the natural processes to occur. (don’t forget – it’s the impure ingredients that are hurting your skin and making you age FASTER)
  • Cruelty Free with 100% vegan ingredients. No animals are harmed or used for testing. Sleep well knowing you made a stance against animal cruelty.
  • Clean Materials for all of our packaging. Made from recycled materials and made to be biodegradable. Helping mother earth one serum at a time by reducing the amount of products you will need (less garbage) and making all of Gene Serums with a tiny carbon footprint. (Look younger and save the planet! Aka… Wonder Woman)
  • Improves Immune System just by wearing it daily! Studies have shown that using the silk cocoon can ward off the chances of catching a virus by 74%. Sounds crazy, right?!? Heres how it works… Viruses and other pathogens are destroyed by the sericin (the silk protein). And when you have this on your face (making you look beautiful) it will also help get rid of any nasty virus that lands on your face!

So, You may be thinking: “How much is this going to cost me?

Well, It WON’T cost you the $12,175 a Facelift will.

Or The $8,725 neck lift.

Or the $2,330 (per session) laser resurfacing…

Or $673 for the chemical peels.

Even similar products to this, many costing TWICE as much and offering HALF the benefits as Gene Serum, will cost you more than the crazy price we are giving it to you today for..

$150 A Bottle

Which is a complete Bargain If you take into consideration:

  • We ONLY use the most advanced ingredients and groundbreaking formulations found anywhere on the globe.
  • Which we then ship to our Lab and formulate every serum using the most advanced equipment available.
  • And then these small quantities are shipped directly to your door. Gene Serum is NOT available in any store, or on any other website.


Single Bottle


Pack of 2

save $20.00 / ($140.00/Each)

Pack of 4

save $60.00 / (130.00/Each)

Need a custom order?

save 131 / ($130.00/Each)
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