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The Science Behind Gene Serum 

Dr. M Baer

CEO M.D/PhD and Founder – GeneSerum

State examination
2010 United Kingdom
2011 USA

Trainings in
Nutrigenomics, Immunology, Dermatology and Genome Testing and Research

DR. M Baer, together with his Group of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Scientists, started GenesSciences (GS) to become an innovator in the health and wellness field. Working with a renowned team of PhDs, medical advisers, and leading nutritional experts, he sought to provide best-in-class dietary supplements backed by nutrigenomics science.

Each of our products takes its inspiration from clinically researched ingredients and the world’s healthiest cultures.

His quest for curiosity, exploration, and wanderlust began when he was a very young boy. Growing up in a family of chemists and scientists who immersed themselves in a biodynamic, organic lifestyle long before it was a trend, he always turned to pure, whole ingredients taken from the earth for solutions. He created GenesSciences Nutrition and DNA Technology with his lifelong passion and purpose and became the very foundations of our mission and philosophy.

GenesSciences have taken inspiration from Mother Nature herself, which has played a part in shaping the healthiest cultures through time around the world. We continuously look for solutions to the many health challenges humans face today – from beauty, weight management, age-related health issues, and everything in between. As a modern-day nutritional navigator, we travel the far reaches of the globe seeking to identify natural solutions you can trust to provide real benefit for the myriads of health needs in today’s growing world. There is no jungle too remote or biodynamic vineyard and farms too far in our search for the purest ingredients and reliable, sustainable partnerships.

We seek out the finest ingredients from the purest sources and employ the highest standards of fair trade and good manufacturing practices to deliver beneficial nutritional supplements and skincare innovations for you, your family, and our own!

We welcome you to join us on our journey to wellness. We would love to share your health pursuits so that we can work together towards a healthier future.

It is about how our DNA is transcribed into mRNA and then to proteins and provides a basis for understanding the biological activity of food components. [1] Nutrigenomics has also been described by the influence of genetic variation on nutrition by correlating gene expression or single-nucleotide polymorphisms with a nutrient’s absorption, metabolism, elimination or biological effects. 

By doing so, Nutrigenomics aims to develop rational means to optimize nutrition, with respect to the subject’s genotype. By determining the mechanism of the effects of nutrients or the effects of a nutritional regime, Nutrigenomics tries to define the causality/relationship between these specific nutrients and specific nutrient regimes (diets) on human health. 

Nutrigenomics has been associated with the idea of personalized nutrition based on genotype. While there is hope that nutrigenomics will ultimately enable such personalized dietary advice, it is a science still in its infancy and its contribution to public health over the next decade is thought to be major. 

Dr. Baer had consulted with Roche, Bayer, SmithKline and Upjohn.  Dr. Baer’s work was published in the New York Times.