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Restore Six Major Aspects of Your Skin




Sun Damage and Pigmentation


Free Radical Damage

Science Meets Skin Care

We have combined beauty and science by using ingredients that allow neurotransmissions to interact with your skin’s DNA.

After studying over 6,000 different genes we have discovered the most common traits that affect your skin’s aging process. 

When applied to your skin, those interactions can heal and revitalize aging genes giving you healthy, younger looking skin that will last.

Made From Organic + Vegan Ingredients

GeneSerum is made with certified organic plant-based products. Including Ginseng Berries, Royal Thai Silk Cocoon Protein, Orange Blossom and Lavender. 

Complimentary Live Skin DNA Consultations

When you purchase GeneSerum you will be part of our tribe.  We will host a bi-weekly Live Q&A Training to discover the secrets of your genetics. Dr. B will also show you how to use the serum to get a “mini lift” at home!

Getting Started is Easy

  1. Take the Free Skin DNA Analyzer. ($250 value)
  2. Once completed your results will be analyzed by our algorithm and direct you to the results page. Here we will explain the results and match you to your GeneSerum™. (No actual DNA will ever leave your body! This is extremely safe and secure.)
  3. Once you are matched with the perfect GeneSerum™ you can start to see results immediately!


“wrinkles have DISAPPEARED”

I’ve noticed that the wrinkles have DISAPPEARED! It doesn’t take a lot — just a little, applied each night and it does seem to work progressively overnight over a few weeks.
John S.

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“I got some many compliments”

I ordered this gift for my mother ‘s Birthday as she is a Royal Family Fan. Usually when I give her any skin care products, I will never hear by from her. However, this time around, she said ” What is in this !! I got some many compliments from my Church ladies stating my skin has this radiant glow ” If my mom is happy, I am.

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“Best Serum in the World”

This is the most amazing serum I have ever used. Only after third night of using geneserum , everyone at work is asking me what I have been using on my face. They said I have is refreshing glow. Thank you for making such par excellence product. I really feel like a Duchess
Susana zheng

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“Really works”

I am loving Geneserum! I have been using it for four days and already seeing a difference. My skin feels and looks so much better and firmer. I have received several compliments from people saying that I am “glowing”. It is light and not crazy oily. Overall the serum is working its magic and I am very impressed. I have recommended it to several friends already.

*Verified Purchase

Serum Born From Royal Beginings…

Queen Victoria became the Queen when she was 18 years old! (Talk about taking on stress at an early age)

While she was Queen, Britain became the most powerful country in the world, with the largest empire that had ever existed, ruling a quarter of the world’s population.

… She was a powerful woman, to say the least.

The Queen reigned for 63 years, 7 months, and 2 days. (The longest time on the throne than any of her predecessors)

She had 6 children, 40 grandchildren and 37 great-grandchildren (can you imagine how many birthday parties they had to go to and Christmas presents they had to buy?!)

But… Even with all of that.

What everybody remembers about the Queen is her perfect complexion.

How’d she get this perfect completion, even while under so much stress?

She commissioned a group of doctors and dermatologists (headed by Sir Baer) to handcraft a custom serum to keep her looking youthful.

Sir Baer was a young ambitious dermatologist, ready to prove to the Queen that he can create the world’s BEST serum.

He traveled all over the world in search of the perfect ingredients for Her Majesty.

The first ingredient he found was Royal Thai Silk Cocoon. (This was a long time secret of the Royal Thai family that was never before released)

After multiple studies, they found the Silk Cocoon would create a protective layer over the skin. Blocking the sun’s UV rays (the sun is the number one cause of accelerated aging).

And under the protective layer it provided an intense hydration of the skin, keeping it healthy and vibrant.

This is why the Royal Thai Family looks so young and youthful!

The second ingredient is even more powerful…

They have discovered in Asia that all of the women who were working on the ginseng berry farms had beautiful hands. (Despite being a harvester with sun damaged and “leathery” faces.)

Sir Baer soon realized what was going on…

These women that were harvesting the ginseng berries were getting ginseng all over their hands.

After further experimentation, they found that the elements in the ginseng berries had a major effect on their skin’s DNA.

It Would Reverse The Signs Of Aging And Keep Their Skin Looking Young

Leaving the harvesters that had sun damaged faces with the hands of a teenager!

That’s when Sir Baer developed a rare and exquisite formula which targeted all of the aging genes… and literally reversed them and protected them.

Think about it… it was the best of both worlds!

The ginseng berries would trigger the skin’s DNA to reverse the aging process and the Royal Silk Cocoon would protect the newly rejuvenated skin.

It was so popular that there’s an almost unbelievable story about peace being threatened over this “miracle serum”.

The Royal Duchess was at a party in 1851 (The Crystal Palace Exhibition) hosted by the Queen.

(It was attended by very famous people of the time… including Charles Darwin, and Charles Dickens.)

Anyways, the Ladies of the French Royal Court were so amazed with The Duchess of Cambridge’s perfectly age-defying porcelain glow that they asked Napoleon III (Emperor of France) to demand their secret from the Queen.

So, Napoleon wrote a letter to Queen Victoria threatening peace between the United Kingdom and France, demanding the Duchess secret.

Shocked, Queen Victoria asked Doctor Sir Baer to create the serum and deliver it to French Royalty.

He named the serum, “The Duchess Secret”.

Sadly, The Duchess Secret was lost after Sir Baers death and was never to be seen again.

Over 100 years passed…

It’s now 2011.

Sir Baers great-great grandson, Dr. Baer, was rummaging through old files looking for some research.

Locked away in a small family archive he finds a strange paper with a list of ingredients…

Some sort of herbal concoction.

The recipe was labeled…

“The Duchess Secret”

Meet Dr. B

Being a MD/Ph.D. Doctor of genetics, immunology, and nutrigenomics research from MIT, I get to treat some of the world’s celebrities and Royal Family… So I have access to find the “dirt under the rug”.

As it turns out, after studying thousands of DNA samples, most of the skin creams on the market today are actually making women (and men) age 50-75% FASTER than they should.

Why? The poor quality ingredients and lack of customization for your unique skin type.

So here’s what I did…

I put together a team Swiss Scientists, and we had over 2 million DNA samples analyzed (specifically the aging genes)

We found a massive amount of data telling us that your skin care should be different depending on your DNA.

It’s NOT one size fits all!

There’s certain genes that make you age faster or slower.
(Thank your parent’s for that…)

What this boils down to here in the real world is…

Your current skin care regime is probably not helping you the way you deserve. And probably making you age faster than you should.

So that’s when I decided to enhance my grandfather’s serum.

Making it 10 times more effective than it was originally back in 1850 for the Queen.

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